Double Sided Felt Message Board 10×10 Inch Frame With Canvas Stand With 500+ Letters and Characters

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Easy To Use

Irasin Crafts letter board comes with pre-cut letters which makes it easier to write messages. It has many special words, names of months and days so you have more characters to use.


Our rustic white/brown frame is naturally suited for so many places & shows more natural colors over time, so it becomes more harmonious with its surroundings and easier to decorate. It will surely become a memorable item in your home.

Decorate this amazing board with amazing expressions!


New Day New Message

With over 500letters at your disposal, make every day different by expressing emotion, love,joy, gratitude, motivation with the beautiful décor piece.


Express Yourself

Say the things you want to say in style. With white and gold letters and emojis, you can express yourself loud and clear.


Social Media

This is a great item to have in your background for YouTube videos, Facebook, and Instagram photos. Whether you are an occasional vlogger or a professional YouTuber, this letter board can be used as a prop item, notice board, winner or result announcement, promoting your channel/business, and many more.

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  • 1. Product size and package contents: 10 x10 inch (25×25 cm) frame, 2.25×10 inch (5.5x25CM) base stand. It comes with a beautiful carrying bag containing 350 white and 180 gold letters, 12 month names, 7 day names and some commonly used special words like Happy Birthday, Love You, Family etc.
  • 2. Endless use: When it comes to our letterboards … you can express yourself in many ways. You can write any message, quote, notice, announcement … ideas are endless. Here are some examples if you are looking for ideas … wedding day counts, motivational quotes, daily goals, funny quotes, baby announcements, welcome messages. And here are some examples of business use … special menus, dessert menus, opening hours, new product announcements, special offers, day contracts, monthly employees, special notifications, promotional prices.
  • 3. Social Media Dynamite: This compelling message board will add extra dimension to your presentation on your YouTube video, Facebook or Instagram Live. You can use it to promote your channel or your Facebook page to your audience.
  • 4. Use of Babsa: This notice board will bring a barter attraction to your shop or restaurant, you can use this board for special offers, new items, discounts, Eid offers and many more.
  • 5. The perfect gift for any occasion: What could be a better gift than a gift of self-expression? This item is a perfect gift for any occasion: baby shower, wedding gift, birthday, milestone achievement, new job, home or office decor, new business. Our Commitment to You: We are a small family business dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our customers. If you have any problems with our product please let us know and we promise to fix it at any time. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions for us.
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